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Introduction to Tarot Cards
The Tarot is an ancient oracle, consisting of 78 cards with symbolic images. The symbolism in the cards is essential to reach your subconsciousness. Images, not words, are the language of the knowledge that comes to us in meditation, dreams, clairvoyance and intuitive insights. The Tarot cards form a book of inner wisdom.

You can use a Tarot Card Reading to develop more insight about yourself, to receive guidance and advice, to find answers on personal or practical issues. It is not possible to predict for 100% the your future with the cards, simply because the future is not an absolute deal, but a developing process influenced by our collective thoughts and actions. This also means that it is very well possible to change or avoid unfavourable future events by following the guidance of the cards.

The Tarot deck consists of a: Major Arcana (Greater Mysteries or Secrets) Minor Arcana (the Smaller Mysteries).

The Major Arcana is formed by the first 22 cards (0 through XXI), depicting the different phases in life and universal human experiences, thus resembling the Eastern Wheel of Life.

The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana are contained in the four suits of: Swords (our thoughts, ideas, beliefs)
Cups (our feelings and emotions)
Wands (our talents, intuition, life-force, will)
Disks or Pentacles (our practical life in work, career, finance, etc.).

Maybe you will find working with the complete deck too complex; in that case it is a good idea to limit yourself to the Major Arcana, which in itself is a complete system of wisdom and advice.

There are many Tarot decks available. Choose one that "speaks to you", that you identify with. There are a number of goods books available that can help you get started in learning how to read your own tarot cards. It is not recommended to tell the fortunes of loved ones and close friends because it is very hard to keep from influencing what you see within the cards with your own intimate knowledge of the person.

By visiting with a professional psychic, you can learn more about yourself and enhance your own personal readings. Professional psychics can help you see the intricate patterns the cards weave within a single spread. Their experience enables them to see further into the meanings of individual cards and how the associations of other cards in the reading influence each other. Their enhanced senses enable them to seek other avenues for enlightenment, helping you become the best person you can be. To learn more about how Psychic Steven can help you, contact him today.


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